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Wow Toys - The Turbo Twins

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Speeding their way to the finish line its The Turbo Twins! The Turbo Twins do everything together, like battling it out with their good friends, Dynamite Daisy and Fireball Frankie, to win the annual WOW championship! With special thanks to their fantastic drivers, Vicky and Simon, who always know the best shortcuts to get the Turbo twins to the finish line first! Includes 2x Motorized race cars, 1x girl driver named Vicky, and 1x boy driver named Simon.

  • Designed in London.
  • For Ages 1 1/2-5 Years Old.
  • Friction-powered motor
  • No Batteries Required!

Additional Information

Wow Toys makes toys that don't break their promises. Creating super cute, super tough toys for little ones around the world. Each toy is designed using durable plastic materials, with no small parts, and no need for batteries! Wow Toys have no PVC, Phthalates or other toxic materials and are regularly tested against global toy safety standards. Each Wow Toy is designed with child development in mind, and encourage Fine Motor Skills, Imaginative play, Problem Solving and Social Development.


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