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Craft a Brew - American Pale Ale Beer Kit

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Exercise your right to brew! Craft a Brew's American Pale Ale Beer Kit is decidedly patriotic. This popular American Pale Ale home beer brewing kit makes a crisp, hoppy, and slightly bitter pale ale with light malt flavors. Those who are fans of the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale will love this American Pale Ale recipe! Each kit provides all the necessary equipment to create your very own home brew, including: 1x Glass Carboy, 1x Funnel, 1x Racking Cane, 1x Rubber Stopper, 1x Transfer tubing, 1x Tubing clamp, 1x Airlock, 1x, Thermometer, a Guide to Craft Brewing, the American Pale Ale Recipe kit, and Sanitizer to clean up when you're done!

  • Kits included 100% malt extract, world-class specialty grains, fresh hops and high quality yeast
  • Each kit makes 1 Gallon of Beer.
  • Beer Bottling Kit not included.
  • Made in the USA!

Additional Information

Craft a Brew strives to create beer brewing kits that will make outstanding craft beer right out of the box. Designed to turn beer lovers into beer brewers and to have customers make the best possible beer in their own kitchen on their first attempt. Using only high quality, fresh ingredients and the same basic processes that award winning home brewers and professional craft brewers use, at a price that is accessible to just about any craft beer drinker.


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