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Zing Toys – Dino Hunterz Crossbow

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Hunt Dinosaurs from your own backyard with the Dino Hunterz Crossbow from Zing Toys! The dinosaurs rise again, can you help keep mankind from going extinct? Grab the Dino Hunterz Crossbow and send these dinosaurs back to the Jurassic! With an included dino-scope for supreme accuracy, this crossbow blaster can shoot its suction cup arrows over 45 feet. With an included dinosaur wall target for practice, prehistoric predators don't stand a chance! Simple latch arrow hooks through the crossbow loops, and latch on to the pin, make sure the safety is off, aim and fire. With the Dino Hunterz Crossbow the fun is a blast from the past!

  • Includes 1 Dino Hunterz Crossbow, 3 suction cup arrows and 1 wall target.
  • Crossbow weights about 11oz.
  • Recommended for Ages 8+

Additional Information

Zing makes high-quality toys for high-action play. Their mission is to promote a healthy, active lifestyle by compelling kids to turn off their video games or smart phones, get off the couch, and get up to play! Their inventors are kids at heart with safety in mind, bringing you fun in a zillion packages: mini-monsters, boomerangs, and big bows! Soaring rockets, dart blasters, and sticky creatures! Today, Zing's award-winning collectible and action-ready product lines include Zing Air®, Air Hunterz, Air Huntress, Air Storm, Zing BlastOff and Zing Novelty!


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