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Glitter Tots - Jungle Screen Glittering Anti-Bug Sunscreen

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Jungle Screen by Glitter Tots is a glittering ANTI-BUG sunscreen that's fun to wear! Safe and effective, this 100% natural Sunscreen is made with only the best ingredients. With a lotion base, this roll-on sunscreen goes on easy, and offers full SPF 30+ protection when evenly applied. With it's shimmering safari gold glitter, summer woods scent and all-natural bug repellent from Citronella Oil, Vanilla, Peppermint Oil, Cedar Oil and Lemongrass Oil, your little one will stay bug and sunburn free! A great item for trips to camp or the beach, parents and kids agree this sunscreen is the bee's knees!

  • UVA/UVB Protection
  • Paba & Paraben free
  • No Animal Testing
  • Made in the USA

Additional Information

Glitter Tots is a US based company ran by Moms for Moms, making sunscreen that's fun to wear! Their Sparkle Screen is made with 100% natural ingredients! These Moms pride themselves on creating only the highest quality, FDA Approved sunscreen that is safe and uses all natural ingredients. So that you and your family can feel safe outside this summer!


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