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Wooden Baby Toys

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

wood toys Wooden Baby ToysWe played with them, so did our parents and grandparents—wooden toys.  Recently displaced by low-quality plastic models, wooden toys have been largely forgotten, but all that is changing now.   Several companies have held fast to their high standards for toy quality and safety, and are producing some of the best educational toys around.   (more…)

Kikkerland Children’s Toys

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

kikkerland blog Kikkerland Childrens ToysCreative, clever, and intriguing–Kikkerland Designs manages to create product after product that surprises us with their imaginative risk-taking.  Since 1992, Kikkerland has been creating innovative toys and appliances that combine form, function, and fun.  From toddlers to grandpas, Kikkerland’s line of quirky stainless steel wind-up toys are universal favorites, and their collection of funky office appliances are popping up in cubicles everywhere! (more…)

Jellycat Toys

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Jellycat’s super-soft plush toys rival the best in the world of high-quality children’s toys.  Whether it’s a baby shower gift or a birthday present, Jellycat’s adorable soft creatures, soft books, and crib toys are always met with smiles.  Established in London in 1999, Jellycat has been making high-quality toys that meet the highest safety standards of both the U.S. and Europe for the past decade.

What we love about Jellycat is the impressive variety that they offer—they carry not only the traditional bears, cats, dogs, and bunnies, but they go even further offering options for hippos, hedgehogs, zebras, and large collection of exotic animals.  Jellycat also offers a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures—their plush animals range from the 6” Pudding Frog all the way to the 4’ Huge Truffle Sheep!  It’s easy to find the right toy for your baby or toddler when you have such a wide and thoughtful selection to choose from.

Here at Lou Lou’s, we all have our favorite Jellycats—but I think we can all agree that the Bunglie Penguin is always a winner with the kids.  One of Jellycat’s wide selection of exotic animals, the penguin measures 15″ tall, making him a perfectly snuggly plush pal.

And it’s not just plushies that kids love—some of our best sellers are Jellycat’s creative line of soft books.  Books like the  Shaggy Dog Zip make reading fun.  Made to look like a soft stuffed puppy, the Shaggy Dog Zip opens to reveal the pages of an enchanting soft book.  Jellycat’s entire line of soft books provide tons of stimulating colors, sounds, and textures that are sure to engage and entertain your baby.

If you’re looking for a larger plush playmate, we recommend the Huge Bunglie Mutt.  Measuring 31″ tall, his pleading eyes and floppy ears make this puppy all the more endearing.

Whether it’s a cuddly creature, a colorful soft book, or a whimsical crib and stroller toy, you know that when you buy a Jellycat toy, it’s a high-quality item that will be around for generations.


Monday, June 8th, 2009

haba HABA Toys

For centuries, children’s toys were made from durable wood and natural fabrics, and Haba Toys believes that this is a tradition that should continue.  In a world where low-quality plastic toys are the norm, Haba has made its way as a premier toymaker specializing in high-quality wood and fabric toys.  Made in Germany, by highly skilled craftsmen, Haba Toys are distinctively designed to stimulate the senses and the imagination.  Made from recycled birch wood and painted will all-natural non-toxic vegetable dyes, their wooden baby toys are the best you can buy.


Plan Toys

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Plan Toys are a line of toys you can feel good about. Plan Toys are produced by a company committed to producing toys that are safe and “smart” through green production processes that protect the environment. This is a company that doesn’t just talk green. For example, each year the entire company gives back to nature what Plan wooden toys took out by replanting thousands of trees in a national forest. (more…)

Start Your Engine, Wooden Baby Toys That Go

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

things that go1 Start Your Engine, Wooden Baby Toys That Go

Your tot is always on the move and delights in new toys, so check out our selection of baby and toddler wooden toys that go. Plan Toys has a classic selection of wooden baby toys that are excellent for the just-walking stage. Made in an eco-friendly way from rubberwood and soy and water based inks, these toys are good for the environment and safe for your little ones. (more…)

Unique Fun Filled Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Monday, March 16th, 2009

easter blog graphic Unique Fun Filled Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Hop to it – Easter is going to be here before you know it! Children love a fun filled Easter basket and we grown ups delight in the joy it brings them. But finding unique items to add to their baskets takes time and often a LOT of effort. Lou Lou’s Corner solves that problem with our selection of fun and clever Easter gifts. (more…)

Jellycat Stuffed Animal Safety

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

blog jellycat Jellycat Stuffed Animal Safety
Jellycats are some of our best-selling products at Lou Lou’s Corner, and we often get questions about their safety. (more…)

Jellycat, the Sophisticated Stuffed Toy

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Jellycat is a company in London, England that was established in 1999 and manufactures soft toys for distribution around the world. Jellycat items are sold in the US and the UK as well as at selected online retailers. Jellycat toys use distinctive materials that make the toys soft and luxurious while being cute and hip. Parents love these toys as much as the kids do.

Not only are Jellycat toys considered the best soft toys sold, but the company is dedicated to social responsibility and safety for its employees as well as the consumers who purchase toys. All Jellycat toys are compliant with European and American standards and Jellycat monitors its manufacturing partners to ensure responsible and safe working conditions. Jellycat puts the pride into the manufacturing so that you can be proud to own these wonderful toys.

Jellycat: Everything a Stuffed Toy Should Be

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Most people, as children, had at least one stuffed toy who was a reliable and soothing friend. It didn’t matter if the bear, pig, monkey or frog was tattered and torn, only that it could fit snugly in our small hand and come with us wherever we traveled – even in our dreams.

Today the Jellycat line of stuffed toys and soft books provides affordable and beautifully designed creations meant to instantly soothe children and bring a smile to their face. Jellycat toys are incredibly soft and uniquely designed for cuddling. All of the plush toys are softly stuffed to make them much more resistant to any possible tearing or splitting.

The company makes toys for children of all ages, with a “starter” line for “tots” and a more plush and detailed creations for older kids. Purchasing a Jellycat plush toy is an investment in a lifelong friendship.