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Wooden Baby Toys

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

wood toys Wooden Baby ToysWe played with them, so did our parents and grandparents—wooden toys.  Recently displaced by low-quality plastic models, wooden toys have been largely forgotten, but all that is changing now.   Several companies have held fast to their high standards for toy quality and safety, and are producing some of the best educational toys around.   (more…)


Monday, June 8th, 2009

haba HABA Toys

For centuries, children’s toys were made from durable wood and natural fabrics, and Haba Toys believes that this is a tradition that should continue.  In a world where low-quality plastic toys are the norm, Haba has made its way as a premier toymaker specializing in high-quality wood and fabric toys.  Made in Germany, by highly skilled craftsmen, Haba Toys are distinctively designed to stimulate the senses and the imagination.  Made from recycled birch wood and painted will all-natural non-toxic vegetable dyes, their wooden baby toys are the best you can buy.