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Gifts for Baby

Monday, October 26th, 2009

gifts for baby Gifts for BabyAt some point in our lives, we all know someone that is expecting a new bundle of joy. Most friends will go and buy the same product(s), leaving you to splurge on everything else. So jump out of the box and buy an expecting mother something different; at Lou Lou’s Corner, you can find an assortment of baby gifts to put a smile on the baby entering our world.
When you are looking at gifts for a baby, it’s important to look at age requirements and safety. At Lou Lou’s Corner, we strive to keep your baby’s safety in mind by selling only the best. Some great baby gifts we offer are the Haba Ramba Zamba Rattle, Zolo Hugbug Fuzzi and Plan Toys Stacking Ring. (more…)


Monday, June 8th, 2009

haba HABA Toys

For centuries, children’s toys were made from durable wood and natural fabrics, and Haba Toys believes that this is a tradition that should continue.  In a world where low-quality plastic toys are the norm, Haba has made its way as a premier toymaker specializing in high-quality wood and fabric toys.  Made in Germany, by highly skilled craftsmen, Haba Toys are distinctively designed to stimulate the senses and the imagination.  Made from recycled birch wood and painted will all-natural non-toxic vegetable dyes, their wooden baby toys are the best you can buy.